Blender UI Differences (2.49-2.50)

Here is the guide which shows the ui differences between 2.49 and 2.50.

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very nice… I have caught glimpses of the new interface, but never like that- its nice to have it all in one place- great work

Very useful. Thanks!

Theres a ton more changes than that, but this can be useful as a quick startup guide.

It’s true. :yes:

Have they added the ability to cut yet? loop cut etc?

Warning: Noob question here.

On page 16 of your comparison. The two adjustments below the word adjust.

Are those words spelled right? ( htness, ontrast)

Thanks for the comparison. I need all the help I can get.

Zarnik. Loop Cut tool is in the toolbar.


When you expand properties window horizontally, words will appear completely.

Very nice.
Thanks a lot, demohero :slight_smile:

Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

Now if it was only that easy to expand my mind!

very nice but you don’t seem to get the point of where everything is where they are in 2.5, its all due to context, what object type you have selected, what render engine you have enabled, what screen area you are in all of these are checked automaticly and uniformly, so tools/ui behave in predictable manner, and its a huge weight off the coder’s and user’s mind not to go looking for something and making sure its checked, if you can think in terms of context you will be fine :slight_smile:

Have they only added the loop cut tool and no normal cut yet? Or midpoint cut? Also how do you decide how many circles and verticles a cylinder should have?

The loop cut and knife are working at a basic level, the devs are still implementing those tools. And I don’t think you can change primitive options yet, they haven’t got to that yet… i don’t think.

When you add a primitive with options, the options show up afterwards is the “Tweak Last Operator” panel in the Toolbox. You get realtime feed back of your edits and can tweak to your pleasure before doing something else.