Blender UI/keys mixing: behaviour from Max, shortcuts from Blender?

Hi. I need to mix 2 profiles in Blender control scheme, Max and Blender. I just want to do it right.

Here’s the situation – I can choose a control profile in User Preferences/Input between Max and Blender, but:
a) Max profile’s shortcuts are definitely broken. Basics work okay, but when you go further, you find out that some keys are either missing or activating wrong functions (bound to the same keys) or whatnot.
b) Manually changing keys in the UI is very flexible but the amount of knowledge to do that and the size of the work required is staggering.
c) Max behaviour is more logical to me, but Blender keys are more logical than Max’s. For example, if I click somewhere on the empty space, deselecting is logical (why would I click there otherwize?), but in Blender I just start moving selected object. Or when I work on a side view, I expect moving around with minimal effort, which holding Shift while dragging viewport with MMB is not. Still, having a first-letter shortcuts for basic operators is nice and quickly rotating viewport by 7-1-3 with CTRL as reverse is very nice (not to mention that this behaviour is consistent through all Blender sub-utilities, unlike above “Max” profile, and having to deal with 2 different keysets is a little too much).

So, I’d like to somehow take the basic behaviour from Max profile and add it to Blender keyset. In the past I tried to make manual edits of the things in the controls that I bumped into (using Max controls as a “base”). It became quite messy very quickly. Working with that was less than pleasant. Now, I want to make it the right way, preferably glitch-free.

So, two questions:

  1. Perhaps anyone has done it already? If so, the link would be greatly appreciated.
  2. How do I mix these parts? I guess that it includes saving copies of both controls schemes and manually editing these files, but they are rather large and without at least some understanding to what I’m looking for, it can hurt. A direction to this information would be also welcome.

about : " some keys are either missing or activating wrong functions (bound to the same keys) or whatnot. "

warning : before making your own workflow
if you dont want to experience bug or frustration

always start Preset At Input Editor " Blender " and turn it into 3DS MAX or any prefer style
never set maya or max as default then add modification because it is broken or bug
do not make preset name or ( hitting + SIGN )

it will overlaps with blender default input shortcut + active preset
which is why some keys is missing or activating wrong functions

the two question you ask sorry i cannot answer

Thanks for this info – that I was not aware about.
Yet the main question about editor behaviour still stands. I would hate to dive into whole re-binding buisiness again.

Still looking for a way to do this… =(