Blender, UltraWide/multiple Monitors and digitizer (drawing tablet)

Anyone here use a ultra wide (or multiple monitors expanding the desktop) and Blender?

I’m having a bit of trouble choosing the “ideal” settings to work with it.

basically, my tablet has a 16:9-ish aspect ratio has two choices regarding the aspect ratio difference

- Relative mode: the tablet reaches the entire screen, but interpolates the input (make a full circle in the tablet and it’ll look horizontally stretched on the screen). With this, i can use blender maximized and make full use of the extra space with the program itself

- Absolute mode: 1:1 ratio with the screen (a circle will generate a circle), but it won’t work on the whole screen. in this mode i’d use blender in windowed mode (displayfusion is a neat program that organize windows neatly, by the way) and the remaining space would be used for reference images or fluff.

With this in mind, my questions are:

  • Which mode is optimal for 3d modeling/sculpting/etc? Does the distortion in the relative mode ruins muscle memory or gives other bad

  • Which side of the screen you usually use for reference images? I know the instinct is to write a big “it depends” on the reply, but i think maybe stuff like dominant side could interfere with it, so i’m curious because of the issue and beyond it too,.

well, you have to find your own optimum

my set:

  • 2x HD displays (slightly different hue, cuz clients - they never have calibrated monitors), + 3rd 10bit color corrected for final checks when color accuracy is the name of the game
  • small wacom in relative mode (with a bit customized driver)

the one problematic is Krita (only works in absolute mode, thus only used with single display setting)

I use tablet in absolute mode. Mapp it only against main screen. And use extended for render preview, and/or to show reference material for the respective aspect I’m working on (mainly materials) Definltey muscle memory gets … twisted a tad with stretched layouts.

As for screen layout, as mentioned main screen is the one I use for mose of my work (modeling/sclupting/etc) And secondary screen (for me on the right as i’m right handed, and just in general everything on my right works faster)

I am still to plug in the third monitor, then i’ll use setup as following

Middle - primary work surface
Left - non interactive elements like :: reference material - render preview
Right - interactive elements : youtube with video tutorials to remind myself constantly of forgotten skills (and other junk stuff - FB/Email/etc)

I see. The space for extra stuff in an ultrawide monitor isn’t much (around 10cm wide, maybe less.)

Always used the right side for reference, though (right-handed, but always felt off looking stuff on either side. will try left now)