Blender unable to detect python?

Okay so I just installed python but blender is unable to detect the files… How do I go about making it see where the python files are?

and I’m having trouble with 2.49 finding them but not 2.5

Did you install the correct version of python ? Python 2.6x for blender 2.49

crap… so I have to download 2.6? I thought it would work as long as you had a version newer then that(I have 3.1.2 installed)

… the download from the mainwebsite keeps cutting off at like 1 MB… is there a 2.6 installer for it on an external site

Here ya go it downloaded for me in less than 1 minuet, its only about 13 megs. but yes there are other download sites. python is not fullybackward compatible, infact a major rewrite made python 3.0 and higher totally incompatible with all lower versions. the first two numbers in a python release are important and fully compatible, the third number is just a bug fix release. python 3.6.4 will run any python 2.6 script.