Blender unexpectedly shuts down when importing an .MHX file

Last night, I downloaded the latest version of blender and make human. when i make the attempt to import a .MHX file into blender, it crashes. I tried to import a .DAE file as an alternative and it did the same thing as well.

The opperating system I am using is Windows Vista. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Please forgive the newbish question.

i am still having no success. It is perhaps that i am not asking the right questions. My goal is to import .mhx files to blender. I downloaded the latest nightly builds from both makehuman and grahical. everyone says that the latest builds are in sync. Then why is it still crashing?!?!?!?
Can some PLEASE help me as in regards to where to where to go, and EXACTLY where do i paste the scripts in blender. Or for that matter, EXACTLY what night build should I download?
All i am asking for is a point A to point be reference as to how to import mhx files into blender.
Forgive me, I am an artist first. This is logic stuff isn’t my cup of tea.