blender units problem

I hope it´s a write forum.
I´ve got a problem with Blender units. When I extrude a line wich should be for exp.10 mm it givs a totaly wrong size when I press the édge length button it shows as 0.611. Where can I change it, so it will give me a write number?
I´m new at that forum and Blender and I hope somebody can help to find out.

if you change scale in object mode then it should preserve the lenght
but if you do it in edit mode you loose the original lenght

so certain you do your scaling in object mode to keep the lenght values equal to what
you measure


in other words …
you have to scale to 1 in object mode: open view->trasform properties o KEYN, push link scale
an put it 1.
now in editmode you should see the right size …

you can scale in objet mode to size you need

but don’t change it in edit mode or youloose you absolute value determine in object mode


Thanks everybody for your help. It works now.

I also find out that if you change the scale in object mode, then press Object-Clear/Applay-Apllay Scale/Rotation to ObData it works as well.

ctrl-a will rest values of scale a dim to 1 so you alos loose the original values
that you had