Blender, unity, ios, android


is there any tutorial on how to make an Blendergame and import it to unity, than export it to ios, or android.

Maybe also to put the game in the itunestore.

Is unity for free?


Wow. thats 1 head bang of words!

if you want easy exports to android and ios, go Unity!
but u will still model in blender :slight_smile:

There is android ports being developed for the BGE but it’s unlikely iOS will ever happen due to apples policies.

Unity is completely free and can be downloaded in the unity store with addotional updates. I highly recommend that you use it.

If you already know how to make Blender games, use GameKit to publish to iOS and Android, or wait a few months for the Android version of BlenderPlayer to be available.

Blender games are not compatible with Unity, so you would have to rebuild your entire game in Unity.

Note that the free version is missing some features that you must purchase to gain access to, as well.

It’s not “completely” free. What you get with the free version, is a trimmed pro version, where you even don’t have realtime shadows.
And the thread opener seems to be interested in iOS and Android game development. Well, that is not free in Unity. You have to purchase plug-ins for both mobile OS for $400 each (in total $800). And that are only the basic versions.
If you want the full power of Unity iOS and Android, prepare your bank account. Because you have to buy Unity pro first($1500) and then pay additional $1500 for each mobile plug-in. Makes $4500 in total.