is any one here using blender in conjunction with unity game engine I want to make a game using unity game engine blender models

no…I’ve heard it was better than Blender in the sense of game engine, But quite frankly, Blender is easier to use and good for beginners. for your question, or at least, if it is a question, you should be able to just import the Blender models into Unity. unity is more powerful, so it shouldn’t have a problem with high-poly characters. Just dont import any script or logic bricks. I’m pretty sure you can not incorperat blender script or bricks into the Unity game engine. Best of luck to you and your ventures!!! :slight_smile:

ps. look at some YouTube tutorials for easy answers. that’s what helped me a lot when I started. :wink:

thank u fpr reply ya I love blender for modeling I figured out how to do import models and textures I
'm looking for some one that is experienced with unity that can help me with porgramming and animations and how to "blender game engine is to slow for me I get game
scenes made a the game engine slows down to fast and I’m using 2048 size inages and that can realy do some dammage to game engine speed

You should definitely take a look at these tutorials.
What you’re looking for is around tutorial 33, in particular, but you should possibly follow all of them to understand what’s going on later.