Blender unresponsive as ram increases


I have a link to a screen captured video. It is a Dropbox link.

This has been the same with all Blender versions in the past.

I am currently using 3.1.2 (Win 10 workstation.)

I do architectural projects.

At about a minute in you will see what I am talking about. I have plenty of ram. This happens on a lot of my projects once they start getting larger. But as you can see in the video, I am just doing a simple task. about 1 minute in, you will see the ram start to increase and Blender stalls. As the ram begins to decrease, Blender becomes responsive again.

It does this every few minutes regardless of the task or operation. Really slows me down having to wait.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Here is the link: Edit: Might be Autosave. I increased it to 15 min. I will update after I see what Happens.

70 GB is a lot of RAM, depending on the read/write speed of your RAM (is it DDR4 3600, or DDR2 2666, for example?), that’s going to take a good number of calculations, which in turn takes some time.

Looking up how long it takes to load 1 GB into RAM, I found this:

DDR2–667: 0.189s

DDR2–800: 0.156s

DDR3–1333: 0.094s

DDR3–1600: 0.078s

DDR3–1866: 0.067s

DDR4–2133: 0.059s

DDR4–2400: 0.052s

DDR4–2666: 0.047s

DDR4–3200: 0.039s

Most of those values are outdated for sure, mainly just showing that the massive memory-intensive operations you’re doing to be using that much RAM will take some time to process.

To your update: yeah, with a file that big, Autosave is definitely going to take a while, turning that down or off will probably help for sure.

It seems that autosave is the culprit. After changing it to 15 min, it has not stalled on me. It was set to 2 min prior.


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