Blender [ UPBGE ] - as a animation tool - recording keyframes (physics + agents)

this was a fun experiment - looking to accelerate it further but I beleive it highlights functionality not many 3d packages have at all :smiley:

we can play a game and record it - and then render out the result offline

imagine multiple player and AI controlled units interacting simultaneously :smiley:

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now it is working on upbge 0.3.0 master (6-17) based on blender 2.9 of the same date I believe.

you create a animation called “New_Action” in the armature objects press P -> run the engine and it records the playthrough when you hit escape.

next up is using F-Curve instead of keyframe_insert() to speed things up a bit.

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I saw this video in youtube. Its really great and real game changer.
I really want to learn about this script.
I tried to make the script which can record armature keyframes in game engine, but I’m not good at python coding so I end up failing code the script.
would you please upload this blender file or python script?
it would be really grateful if you could upload.

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I think your video is great, in fact I was looking for something similar to help me. I want to record the movement in the GE, but in my it almost does not record. I created a script for it, and it shows me that the keyframe was successfully inserted, but it doesn’t actually record.
Do you think you could facilitate the Script or the .blend to be able to study it? I would appreciate.

Thanks for you time.

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state_machine_controller_swap_actors_record_animations[upbge]3.blend (1.6 MB)

and welcome!

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Thank you​:+1::+1:

record.blend (850.9 KB)
here is a update - only the recording system stripped out

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