Blender update through terminal linux

Hello, I have recently made switch to linux from win 7 after finally coming to my senses :wink:
I installed blender through the terminal, sudo apt-get update etc…
but where the hell has it put it on my computer, i cant find it anywhere, iany help with the way linux installs and sorts its directories would be a great help, thanks.

p.s im using ubuntu 11.10 with KDE desktop

Just type ‘blender’ in terminal. If you want to know exactly where, type ‘which blender’ - most likely /usr/bin/blender.

However i would select one appropriate to os from and make some folder Blend in home directory. Unpack downloaded in that folder’s subfolder.
Next, make folder named ‘config’ under unpacked blender’s 2.6x directory. Start it (one folder up). Configure user preferences, that data will be kept in ‘config’ folder, never mixed up with another version you’ll probably will try later.

Happy blending!

Missed that big [SOLVED], lol. Anyhow, hope helps other ‘converts’ :).

thank you or the reply eppo, yeah i got there in the end but no doubt i’ll do the same on my other computer and forget how i done it so your post will help me then :slight_smile:
I didnt know you were a linux user though, maybe you could help me with another problem, my computer refused to boot last night, in linux it was trying to kill 2 processes -ram4 and ram8, do you know what this means?
and in windows it was getting BSOD saying about page filing and readyboost :S
im running memtest 86 atm, so far 2 passes, no errors, im screwed arnt I? :L

You have a dual boot system, yes? Win loves to have upper hand upon what’s in a boot sector. Trying to recover from mess on dual booted is pain in…you’ll now it by now, do you :)? Last one i had was tripple boot - xp, win7, linux, to see which one drives blender/gimp the best. It wouldn’t live long for some reason…
Really, only thing coming to mind is boot from either one of os’es cds. If windows manages to recover its part you might loose linux stuff tho. I would have backed out all my data files using live cd, then gone to attempts on recover os.
No idea what could be ramX processes, specific to distro? Which one are you using? And i’ve never saw win complaining on readyboost-something either. To be honest, i’ve not so familiar with latest win features - i pretty much stopped on XP.
EDIT: google brings to mdadm: device /dev/ram8. That says that linux boot thing had been passed and some os startup scripts had been run, however unsuccessfully. Something bad on HD, overwritten, maybe.
If you still want multi-boot, put each os on separate HD, see if your BIOS allows for a boot device choice on F12. That way there never be any chance for one os messing with another’s boot sector things. You could even disconnect that precious one while updating, changing another.

Fedora 15, 32 bit there. Considering 64 bit, since Adobe had announced flash 64 bit for linux recently.

not any more unfortuantely, i had a bit of a malfunction when it comes to updating ubuntu, which left me with a completely empty hard drive :L ive since reinstalled win7 and am in the process of building my own linux distro (see my cycles thread for more details)
i like the idea of having a different OS on other hardrives, might have to try that :slight_smile:
now i know what ram8 is if i do get that error again i will be closer to fixing it, thank you.
wow your only using a 32 bit, its been a very long time since i touched a 32bit operating system lol, a 64bit flash player sounds good though, i’ll be getting that when its out :smiley: