Blender Update

Hi, Im currently running blender on linux and I realized that the new release is more recent version than my distro. Do you think is it possible to update blender manually without having to break my system?

In a perfect world, it should be possible to just run/install an application on an operating system without destroying it. Linux isn’t quite there yet. What you’ll want to do is not install anything.

You should always use the official Blender build you can download from It doesn’t require installation and it comes with almost all dependencies bundled. Repository maintainers often have no idea what they’re doing (besides not updating packages that are ancient), so those repo builds should be avoided.

Download Blender from hereand follow the instructions here. You’ll have to figure out yourself how to integrate this into whatever terrible desktop environment you’re using. There’s hundreds of pointless Linux distributions that are slightly different in stupid ways. Next time you’re asking a question, make sure to specify which one you’re using.

I usually have 3-4 versions of Blender on my Fedora system plus the one that comes with the distro. The Blender download for Linux brings along most/all of the files it needs to run. I extract the files into a folder in my home directory and create a shortcut/link to the Blender executable. I’ve never had a problem. Just remember to set up Blender user preferences for each version you install so they can find the .blend files /tmp directory.