Blender Usage in your pipeline - need contacts for quotes


if you use Blender in a commercial ‘pipeline’ Ie use Blender for certain aspects of content creation but not as the sole tool - the ‘Blender marketing’ team would like to have a list of individuals that the press can contact for quotes.

If you could email me your contact information and your usage - that would be appreciated


As well as a brief blurb about usage would be appreciated.

email to LetterRip AT gmail DOT com


I use it sometimes in my daily work and I´ll send you a mail, but what is blurb?

In this context: short description.

just sent you a blurb.

Sorry left on a flight shortly after the post and was a bit rushed at the time - I’ll post a follow up here in a day or so that is much clearer.


What is a quote exactly?

A quote is a statement about Blender -

“Blender is the best thing since sliced bread”

“Blender is much better than Cats - I’d watch it again and again and again”

“With Blender my floors have never been shinier”

or more seriously

“Blender is an important part of my content creation pipeline, we rely on its excellent UV unwrapping capabilities for all of our models”


“Blender was faster to set up than C4D to output compositions for web presentations.”

(for local official Stihl dealer - I set up and took care of their website in 2002-2005)

… besides, Tuhopuu3 is more pleasant to look at, so there’s hope on that front, too, I guess …

--------- bottomline -------------------------------------------------------------
“Since I figured out how to use the datatoc utility, my Blenders not only rendered faster, they even looked better than official versions.”

I think this is more commonly called a “user testimonial”.

User testimonials is one purpose, but also the press agent might ask specific questions related to your usage of Blender.


tedi: What is the Blender datatoc utility?

A program that comes in the source to make .c compilable files from jpg images, I have used it for making my own splash images but it’s really not the big deal :wink:

I have used Blender to create logo designs for Websites and for rapid prototypes to show potential clients ideas. Typically I’ll switch to Lightwave for the finished product, but to go into sales meetings with a demo of our concept instead of just a portfolio and not having to tie up the renderfarm for a week to do is has been great.

If you want contact info, PM me.

you can compile your .B.blend with datatoc (to B.blend.c), therefore everything you can stash in your startup file, you can compile right into the build (window layouts, theme … settings), and you can of course use all of the nastiest optimization flags while at it.

an elegant way of making a kickass build without having to really mess up with source much. and use the nicest patches …

so …

not for everyone I guess.

I really think that we should just all get together and put money to hire these guys!

They seem to have the knack in pretty much any part of that…


it would be much more worthwhile to hire programmers, we could do the equivalent of numerous summer of codes for the cost of hiring any marketing firm.


letterip… sorry, if you actually read the website you would realize it was a joke…

Blender is great!… and I use I use it to sell jobs by giving customers a quick preview of what I am going to do for them. It’s not a catch phrase but I doubt it’s the kind of professional stuff you are looking for…

I sold this job using this image done in blender. I’m building the swim step right now… no kidding…

heheheh - doh! That is funny, my bad :slight_smile:


Let’s do it, sounds good :slight_smile: we would need paypall or shareit and search for a good coder and that’s it :stuck_out_tongue: