blender use in simulation apps.

Hi All,

I have got a great job - working with virtual reality, creating simulators, etc…(also thanked to Blender). And because of Blender is such a good tool :yes: I was wondering if I can introduce Blender to new company not only as a modeling tool. So the questions are:

  • has anybody ever used Blender in simulator/simulation project?
  • I’m not Blenders game engine expert but is it possible to somehowe use it? (if we consider real time interaction, speed, etc.).

answers to your questions:

  1. yes. As far as I know blender has been used in many simulation projects, like various robot simulations and control, physic simulations, fish simulations,…one example is here:

2)yes. The bullet physics library is developed by a paid coder and has a very high standard/speed. Although - it is a game physics engine, so if you are going for some very exact results/simulations, you’d have to plug in it your own code, there are 3 ways to do it: python, plugin, hack the source.

good luck!
By the way, in which company do you work? Your name sounds quite czech…:slight_smile:

I have found that the blender dynamics system fails on more complex objects.

I am presently stuck on a project because Blender can not simulate the simple act of the parts of my helicopter falling to the ground. Record to IPO has a major bug in version 2.48.

Just my personal experience with the system.

Atom, has that bug been reported ?

thanks for answers. One more ‘really low’ question:

If we would have two games/simulators one written in openGL and one in Blender Game Engine (completely the same), what would be the differences? I’m thinking mostly about performance, possibility to easy modify the code/application, etc…


Ive used Blender for simulations before, it really depends on what u want to do, but its very flexible and user friendly, so u could pretty much do anything.

Can i ask what kinds of simulations your looking at doing??

well, the company is making flight simulators. They work with openGL so I was just thinking that what difference it will be between openGL and Blender Game Engine.

Ok well i dont know much at all about OpenGL so i cant comment on how they compare.

But if you know how to code or have coders who are decent then the BGE could definetly do the job.

There are several people using Blender for VR/sim projects. Check this for an example:

thanks…I have checked the web page and it looks that they use blender only for modeling. For the animation/simulation/game I think they use DirectX