Blender used by flash pros

well i’m not sure if this has ever come up before, but today i found a book published by Osbourne in 2002, called Flash MX Developers Guide, which has a chapter dedicated to learning Blender, and a chapter about integrating Blender and Flash. anyway the book is written and edited by the members of a series of well known multimedia companies, and looks quite interesting. the only thing i see wrong is that it’s using an older version of Blender, at least before the UI changes, but then the book was published in 2002. still looks like it could be worth a read if you are into Flash and interested in integrating Blender with Flash.

i’m gonna get it next week so i will provide a more in depth insight then.



cool, ill have to read that book when your done with it :wink:

could also be a good topic to write an up to date tutorial on, try and get some more people using blender for flash/web

I just checked my university’s library, they have it! I’ll check it out today after class.

does your library have it, or are you buying it


does your library have it, or are you buying it[/quote]

i am buying it

I think I have read the book a while back, I think if memory serve me right it is a basic intro to older blender and has nothing to do with blender to flash but rather its about how to incorporate the animation made with blender into flash template for playing movie.

that would still be interasting to read

If Blender would have SWF texture support and swf export I’m sure even more Flash devs would love to use it.

I’ve got an assignment to do just this very thing. The company I work for as a Graphic Designer is launching a new product line and I’ve done some conceptual models in Blender that we’ve ended up using in promotional materials. Now they want me to take those models and animate them for use in a Flash based website.
I’m going to have to do some homework on this, so I’ll definately look into picking that book up. Thanks for the tip. Also please share what you learn- I’d be very interested.

Also, if anyone has any links to any relevant tutorials that they think are especially good, that would be appreciated, too.

And yeah, if Blender could write out to swf- that would be the bees knees.

What is so hard about This.
a: Export your finished Blender Animation as a avi file.
b: Import your avi file into Flash.
c: If you don’t own Flash there are a lot of avi to flash format convertors.
d: Build whatever you/your employer requires in Flash in the first place. (I presume this is what you are being paid for anyway).
e: Ask Adobe if they can write an importer and port it to Flash so that it can import .blend files.
Swf or Flash Movie File format is copyright Adobe.
It is simple to import avi into flash the save out as swf.
All up I think I pressed about 8 buttons from export to import to export.
2d Blender…phooey

Wow…old thread.