Blender used by only students? Poll...

Blender used by only students? Poll…


Now this thread is about SHOULD we steal some code from topmod?
me thinks we should it aint mucchchchc

I own legal copies of Lightwave, Modo, Messiah, and 3ds Max. I think I prefer Blender. Right now it is the only program I have opened in the last 2 months… I am not a student and I work full time.

Not a student Not a worker hope to be able to use blender in some way if i ever get into a professional enviroment and if not i will learn 3ds or some other software

I’m a lazy student and sell Blender for money and will buy 3dsmax once I get enough cha-ching.

Not a student. I use Blender (and GIMP and Inkscape) quite a bit in my job now and will even more in my job in the coming years.

(Although in the future I’ll have to work with interns who have been trained to believe that there are no graphics packages other than those sold by Autodesk or Adobe.)

Teaching Media Arts - My students from the class ASM3M (11students in grade 11 ) will use Blender for Introduction to modelling in 3D and from the class ASM4M (8 students in grade 12) will use Blender for Introduction to 3D animation.

They are not aware (right now) of the forum or the poll.

Hopefully, they will continue to use Blender after the class. One of my students of last year has been admitted to Sheridan College and her animation portfolio was entirely made with Blender.


I am a student and I work. I use Maya when required, but when the choice is mine I try to lean towards Blender. Unless its a contract doing volumetrics, then I have to use Maya (for the time being).

I do websites and, while trying to incorporate blender into my pipeline, I keep learning blender focused on character modelling.
I’d love to get a job using blender but I doubt I’ll ever be good enough to get it. Anyway, I wouldn’t use any other 3d app for a job unless I’m forced to (which is rather unlikely to happen).


endi you just make me so mad you always say things like “if your pro don’t use blender” But if you look at that link who uses Blender? EVERYONE can and a lot do!

Also when I do start working I will use Blender for most of my work if they require me to use 3DS/maya fine at the end of the day the finshing touuchs will be done in Blender for better or worse!

he’s teasing us all. :wink: To get up and make blender better. :stuck_out_tongue:

currently a working student, who has used blender to make money as a freelancer. :confused:

working an using blender as part of my job, sometimes a lot, sometimes very little.
I can’t help but wonder, what is your aim with this poll endi? this kind of thing doesn’t seem like you.

O.k. so here is another poll about if only poor people use blender and if you had money you wouldn’t sort of poll hey?

I am poor, sadly… I do freelancing work when I have the time, and DVD production for the institute I work for.

Well, I own legitimate copies of XSI, now up to version 7:eyebrowlift: , and Silo:eyebrowlift2:.

But I can only say that Blender was what got me into the 3d scene in the first place and believe it or not, even though I use XSI a lot now, my first choice, whether you choose to believe me or not, is blender! It is what I know best.

As mentioned above, volumetrics are lacking as is True GI rendering in the BI that is suitable for animations as well as stills. Thus I use XSI for these areas. But soon that looks to be a problem of the past as well.:stuck_out_tongue:

How I use it in my work:

  • Compositing - Blender mostly XSI has some pretty hot compositing features though :wink:
  • modeling - 70% Blender 30% Silo:yes:
  • File conversion - Blender (XSI import / export support is still something left much to be desired- crosswalk umm if no Maya / 3ds max = no use to me):eek: Especially blenders support for VMRL files are needed for wirefusion jobs.
  • roughing out scenes - definitly blender:eyebrowlift: (quick, easy, powerful and uses less resources when things need to just get bashed out.)
  • Rendering - Blender / XSI
  • Fur rendering - both Blender / XSI
  • Rigging both Blender and XSI
  • Transfering animation data well that is XSI:othe list goes on :rolleyes:

It doesn’t matter what you use, these software vs software rouse them up polls are quite honestly pointless.

It is what you do with the software that is what makes a difference ( did you know, XSI doesn’t have that “render that pixar style animation I’ve always wanted to do yet” button neither:eek:! shocking!)

So shouldn’t you start a poll about for example : which type of modeling do you prefer box, polygon by polygon, nurbs… that way the devs can probably get some ideas of what areas need fine tuning … perhaps

Well goodnight

I’m freelance, I use blender as much as I can on projects though sometimes a clients toolchain requires me to “finish” in Maya. Sometimes I use Silo for modelling purely becauseof the cut tool and ngon support…

I use blender because I like open source and I like that it runs on linux and I can freely install it on any machine.

it seems there’s a slight majority at the moment for "i’m not a student and use blender for commercial work… only slightly behind are the “students using it just to learn”…

Endi, I can never understand why you always come across as annoyed that blender is freely available to beginners… and seem to moan and think that you are the “only pro on the forums”…

ah well.

Definitely not a stundent.

And the most relevant answer in the poll seems to be “I don’t know.”

However, I’m an artist, learning 3D in order to be able to realise many more of my ideas than I would otherwise.

I tried demos/free versions of things like C4D, Vue and 3D Canvas. Painful - to get the power you have to part with the cash, and then find out if you like the software. Quite a gamble when you’ve no 3D experience.

Having found Blender, I don’t want to learn anything else. I’ve enough problems improving my modelling (and not enough time) I can’t keep up with the new features.

Looking forward to better NURBS, though!

it’s probably exactly the opposite. blender is for those who escape the more traditional channels of learning 3d for the first time

“students” as in people taking classes are usually required to have maya, xsi, or max
which they get for lower prices or they steal

I do not get the questions. For me the possibility is missing. Not a student, having really quite fine job and the 3d is just a hobby :slight_smile:

Only a small part of my job is using Blender and Gimp, but its definitely the most enjoyable and satisfying part.