Blender used for Pacific Rim Marketing Campaign

(raphael) #1

A few weeks ago, I was hired by MNSTR, a french communications agency to work on Pacific Rim‘s promotional materials.

The cool idea was to offer to 10 Influential Bloggers a statue of themself in a pacific rim’s pilot suit. I’ve been using Blender to built each head, the main pilot suit, and then export the result (a textured mesh)on the Sculpteo webserver (the main french 3D printing service).

The result is really amazing. Each blogger has received a cool “buzz Box”, containing its statue and a survival kit.

(SamusDrake) #2

Now that is damn cool!

(cekuhnen) #3

Thats pretty awesome! Congratulations!

(Mistah Figgz) #4

That looks amazing. Too bad the movie doesn’t though.:frowning:

(raphael) #5


Thanks guys !
I learned a lot of things about 3D printing during this job.

(blender_newb70) #6

Congratulations! That looks very nice.
Its 1:12 right? I am surprised how much detail you get, I thought acceptable would be at 1:6 (which for some reason to me looks cheesy)
Have you tried Shapeways? or even better getting a Makerbot.
Would you mind sharing how you scanned the faces? I once considered buying David Laser scanner, and then retopo.

(raphael) #7


bender_newb70 : the models are about 15cm high. The choice of the 3D printing service wasn’t mine and i didn’t tried Shapeways (it’s my first experience with 3D printing).

About models : all done by hand from photos (for the heads). I tried some photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction sofwares( Bundler + CMVS + PMVS2) but the result was not good (big and chaotic meshes).

For the pilot suits, i rebuilt it in Blender with captures from the trailers. It wa quite long. I tried to be as close as possible to the moovie suits, but i had very few refences.

Blender is just perfect for this kind of work, its workflow is a pleasure.

(raphael) #8

Some more pictures

(fablefox) #9

Awesome news!

Is it possible in the future for detailed info? Like those cgtalk feature story? Considering that these are for Pacific Rim, I think it should be made.

(raphael) #10

Hi fablfox,

My English level is too low to make a full article like a cgtalk feature story. But if you need more technical details, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

(const) #11

This is great! Good job and thanks for the notice.