Blender used in concrete speaker design.

Some of you may have seen a couple of pics for some concrete speakers I am building.
If anyone is interested, you can follow the build here.
You can see the origional concept, and after diciding on drivers, the total redesign.
The concept and construction drawings were done purely with blender, and the renderings were done with cycles.
At this point, we are waiting for the concrete to cure, while I make some more gadgets to enable me to finish the project.
Let me know what you think.

@The mods. Ive think I have suggested this before, but before BA changed hands. I think there should be a dedicated forum for real world projects that utilise Blender.
Not CG projects, but product design, tech drawings, or prototype stuff, etc. It could be anything from choosing a new colour scheme for your house, bespoke furnature, or laying out your new allotment. You get the idea.
What do you think. Or should I ask the person below me.

Its amazing and I do like it a lot.I will definitely one from these for my room system.thanks for sharing the post.

No problem. It was deffinatly one of my most enjoyable projects. Now I get to enjoy it even more.
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