Blender User Group "NuremBUG" - 6th November, 7:00pm, Coworking, Nuremberg, Germany

Hi there!

It is about to get colder, but fear not! The German Blender User Group Nuremberg, NuremBUG, is once again hosting their monthly blenderhead meeting in the beautiful Bavarian city Nuremberg. Our members will present their projects and we will talk about different topics. BFCTs Gottfried Hofmann and Adam Kalisz will inform us about their visit at the Blender Conference 2017 in Amsterdam and tell us how great it was.

We have reserved a warm place for our participants and meet up at 7:00pm in the afternoon inside the “Coworking Space” in the city center. We’ll discuss our projects and listen to some cool feature presentations and tutorials. The only person missing is just you!

Here’s the address:
Coworking Nürnberg GmbH
Josephsplatz 8 (near to underground station “Weißer Turm”)
90403 Nürnberg

Just enter the building, walk up the stairs to the second level and you’ll see us :slight_smile:

And here’s a map:…68832500822543

Also check out our facebook page:
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Feel free to join us.