Blender User Group Stockholm


We just had a initial small meetup. Me, JiggyMoon and Set here in Stockholm.

Just to talk about the 2nd November meetup. Anyone is welcome! and we’ll reach out to Blender users we know here in Stockholm.

I guess we plan on having a meet and greet, short who you are and how you use Blender. Then some will show some stuff, I plan on showing maybe something with Eevee, and the Add-on DECALmachine.

I set-up a discord server for us on :

If you are living here and using Blender it might be an good idea to join, I’m writing this in English if we have ex-pats living here that doesn’t feel comfort speaking/reading Swedish yet.

So, executive summary.

When: 2nd November
Where: Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Looking forward to meet you all, say hi! and talk about our favorite 3d application Blender!

// Martin

Much appreciated :slight_smile: Have fun!

Thank you! we will. Hopefully start to gather up a crew to demo some stuff. So I will pre-record a video with some add-ons I bought. DECALmachine as mentioned, then I think I will quickly show Hard-Ops so you can get the idea about the different approach and how the two addons work and complement each others.

I have also Asset Management add-on and it’s used by both I think, so will show that one.

Then finally show how to get started with DECALmachine and start building on your own library.

I will not talk about Eevee, hopefully Daniel can attend, and then he will talk about Eevee. (He made the awesome Wanderer model, avail. on

cool, just stumbled upon you as the major blender discord started discussing the map. i’m also located in Stockholm and have been using blender for 6 years and made a few animated cinematics with it. Joined the discord.

Oh wow yeah that one! I kinda forgotten about that ‘where the blender users are’ map, what a unexpected and great way to find out about the meetup.

I just watched your Warhammer 40k animation, nice work.

Welcome to the discord, anyone else reading this in Stockholm or Sweden in general, you are welcome to join our discord. (Link above in first post).

Quick recap from Meetup no. 2

We had some folks asking lots of questions about Discord, and it’s not just for gamers. It’s actually a great tool to keep in touch without long email threads. Also you can share files. So we’re planing on having on the next meetup a short introduction to Discord and where to find the server we’re hanging around on.

So next meetup is probably just before everyone goes on vacation, with two ~20min talks, then open mic ~5min for anyone who wants to present themself maybe quickly. Show anything they done in Blender or working on etcetera.

But before that we’re probably gonna have this smaller informal gatherings at any local pub in Stockholm (probably close to city and the local commute routes)

I’m also doing these quick poster pages for each meetup.

First of all, thanks to the kind folks over at Kalle & Andreas for hosting, buying pizzas and beer and beverages. Their office is wonderful and I love to hang out there. If you are a web developer or in general creative person they have this event called Webbklubben generally on Thursdays I think, where you can hang around and have beer and mingle with creative people. You find that through their site and facebook.

Thibaut had the first talk about how he found his way from France to Sweden, and his visualization work with airflow data. Great images and the slide show is actually on our Discord server if you missed it and want to check it out. Me personally probably going to look into that since I’ve played around with data visualization in Blender just a tiny bit but it seems like something I would love to do.

Per ‘stuffmatic’ talked about his ‘Slussen Plan C’ project. It was a complete breakdown of how the project with Blender with lots of renders really nice! He had some postcards so that was the first meetup with free swag. He also demo’ed his add-on many of us know and love called BLAM. The Blender camera calibration thingy I’ve used several times. We talked afterwards about why it isn’t in the Blender master repo of add-ons. It really should be. The project is available for free/open at Github
Maybe if someone connected to the add-on module owners could help out here?

Open mic.

Richard aka ‘jiggymoon’ talked about 3d match moving/tracking for a shot he helped out his wife with. Really nice with a recorded timelapse.

My myself, showed a shot I worked on for a friend-of-a-friend also using the camera tracker, but didn’t record any work part just the final render because time limitations and lazyness. It’s a drone thingy, turntable render available on Discord.

We had two other presentations on open mic, about blender with education & about if anyone is interested in motion capture and Blender and how to get that rolling. I forgot their names but they where asking questions about Discord and I hope to see them turn up there.

As always the Open Mic is a great place to present yourself, maybe quickly what you do with Blender can be anything really. Or what you want to learn from Blender and the community. And maybe later if you feel like it you can talk to me or Richard or Set about having one of the longer talks ~20min. We’re always kinda thinking about that and find Blender users in Stockholm who does interesting things with Blender and could talk.

At the first meetup we had Daniel Bystedt talk about Eevee and his Wanderer scene, great stuff! And I had the first talk about decalMACHINE, I also mentioned it in my open mic session since I used it heavily on the Drone. Also HardOPs.

That’s it, will keep this thread update a bit more, but most stuff goes on the Discord. But before next meetup I will update it, and also post-meetup a brief summary.