Blender user in India

Hello, fellow blender users,
I tried searching for blender artists in India but unfortunately didn’t find anyplace.
There are lots of studios in India now shifting to Blender & having job openings but they didn’t find any appropriate users. So is there any way where we can connect all the users in the same place & provide them details for job posting & openings in India??


please follow Blender Community India on following social media:






There is a Discord for Blender users in India:

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Which city are you in btw, and why is your name Ranger Woody? Are you Indian yourself??

Thank you. I’ll check this out.

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I’m from Pune & I love Sheriff Woody from Toy Story So…
What about you?? Where are you from


PM me, please :slight_smile:

What kind of stuff do you make? Kids cartoons? Something else?

hey, does anyone know what is up with that discord? I MYSELF can’t seem to get to it (the blender india whatever…) :frowning:

Discord maintainer kinda self centric and arrogant about new user with disrespectful suggestions.

How many people are we actively coming here everyday.

I do sculpting i have youtube channel called Alrob art. And I’m from Hyderabad.

Oh that’s nice.
Don’t know how may people visit here daily. but I think we need a platform for Indian users where we can share our work or job openings. Because lot of studios in India now using Blender & they are searching for skillful blender users.

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Yes. We need a platform but not discord. A solid place talk and share your work and experience with other. And we need find who are using blender and create one place for us.

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Hmmm. Are you saying you need a WEBSITE?? :slight_smile: I have some skills in this regard… I could look into it, depending on how much I’m Paid… :slight_smile:

Sorry - what do you mean? Lots of people are coming to THIS website every day??

not a website, but a platform where recruiter/candidate meet & both get satisfied.

?? how is that Not a website? what kind of platform do you mean?

what’s so Funny??

Dont get me wrong.

I could look into it, depending on how much I’m Paid…

I was reacting to this.

Are you saying you need a WEBSITE??

Don’t know yet…

Er - me wanting to get Paid is funny?

Don’t be sarcastic about everything.
And this is the reason I left discord.
It’s a website everybody knows. But not specific for country.

So many people come here. In those people how many people from india.

@srikanth0126 & @justwannapost till now only 3 people reacted on this post. So now you understand my point why I need a platform for Indian Blender users.

Everyone knows blender artist. Because it’s comes first when you search in google. Indians won’t post or comment until they feel safe. Because of language barrier.

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