Blender user OS of choice? runs good on all os's

(PowerMacG4) #1

I’m new to blender. I will like to point out that Blender seems to run good on all my platforms at home. I own a Powermac 933 OS X, SGI o2 180Mhz IRIX, Dual boot windows 2K/ Linux. I mainly use the Mac ans SGI boxes. Through my learning process I have no issues going from one platform to another.
I also tried Maya on IRIX, Mac OS X, and Windows. I notice a difference sometimes unusable. I had a Dual 400Mhz box that suck at maya took too long for buttons to come up. MAya for Mac OS X still could be updated. Being that 4 had much improvements over 3. Windows well I’m not a windows head. I figure what Maya cost performance should be top notch.
Blender runs good.
What is everyone OS of choice any how?
I will stick with Mac and SGI. I remember there beaing group of hardcore SGI blender users. Last time I check irc rooms they moved to lightwave. Are there any Mac user here?
Thanks for your time!!!

(youngbatcat) #2

OSX ! ^v^
I belive the version 2.24 that was never released is much faster for OSX.
What if any render engine do you use. I can’t find any thing good for X.
Except Radiance. But I don’t know how to install it please help me. I’m
just an art fishy.


(macke) #3

What version of blender do you run on your o2? There seems to be issues with the Armature system on the SGI’s, more specifically, the action window. This never got resolved afaik. Also, there are some other issues, but overall it seems to run nicely.

I have one r12k 400 mhz o2 running neatly, but I use it mainly for 2d work, video editing and such. I’m telling ya, no pc or mac could come near my o2 when it comes to 2d stuff ;oP

I also have a dual r10k 195mhz octane with SI gfx. No monster machine I admit, but it works quite nicely, can run XSI and Maya allright on it. Allthough, since XSI is developed on wintel machines (it seems) there are some compatibility issues with it running under IRIX.

I also run lightwave from time to time, but my 5.6 version is getting old…

(PowerMacG4) #4

Being mostly new to Blender I haven’t hit any issues with IRIX. I use 2.23 on all boxes.
I do mostly video work. I’m a Final Cut Pro 3 / DVD Studio Pro 1.5 head. I got Effect 7 for IRIX on the o2. Since it work with uncompressed video and my camcorders are miniDV my work is mostly MAc. I will use the o2 with my 8mm as soon has I get a capture card for it. I think Powermacs might pass the o2 on 2d work as more support comes out for it. Hopefully they will blow Avid out the water. I think they are far cry from beating a Discreet SGI combo.
My graghic partner uses two o2 and an Octane dual 250Mhz. Octanes are monsters. The Octane is running Flame/Flint and Maya. For HD and uncompress work SGI rules.
I wish I could use my Ultra 5 in there. Maybe that will be a dedicated Blender Box and Storage.


(CurtisS) #5

I gave up trying to use Blender on my OSX G4 (dual 450) because the antialiasing when rendering did not work. NaN went under before I could get my hands on the Publisher version that apparently had the render issue solved. For now, I’ll run Blender on my Windows machine (though I sometimes will export Blender VRML files to the Mac for rendering in Strata 3D).

(PowerMacG4) #6

I heard of different rendering engines out there. Is there a link for a list of engines out there?
Where can I go to get info on it.
Thank for time.


(Eric) #7

Nothing, absolutely nothin beats my peecee when it comes to viewing porno.

(shadowman99) #8
RedHat Linux 7.3 on AMD Athalon

(Eric) #9
Slackware Linux 8.1 on AMD Athlon

(PowerMacG4) #10

I take its a x86 world for now.
mostly Windows and Linux, any BeOS?
I just can’t stomache x86 hardware.
Not that I’m big on speed, which I’m not but having the OS and hardware made by the same company like Mac OS X, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, make the whole experiance worth while. Plus you rarely are in the need to upgrade, to see what a 180Mhz SGI o2 do, no way a 180Mhz x86 Linux machine could touch it let alone a windows. But if Blazing speeds is your thing x86 is the way to go.
The way Blender lay out on a Mac OS X desktop is so cool. :slight_smile:
If I get a SunPCI card for my Ultra 5 I will run Linux on it with Blender.

(Dittohead) #11


Yer outa yer mind.


Windows all the way.

I work on 2000 and XP.

(Dittohead) #12


i’m wierd

(VelikM) #13

PowerBook Titanium G4 550 384meg ram OS X Blender Publisher 2.25, when I need more speed I use my MicroWays Alpha Win NT 4/RedHat 7.0, to bad Blender doesn’t support it any more, it’s a great rendering machine.

(Green) #14

no o2 is better then a new pc at 3d.

I dont give a shit about 180Mhz x86 machines.

(PowerMacG4) #15

I wasn’t comparing an o2 to new PC. even a new o2 will have a hardtime running against a new PC. But for an old o2 running at 180Mhz its still pretty usefule. I own a 200Mhz PC used only for linux testing apps. And to see a Dual 250Mhz rock uncompress video. When my 500Hz Athlon with 768Mb RAM rebooted.
I’m not saying that PC are bad, but a $500 used o2 compare to a $500 PC, for design, multimedia work I put my $$ in the o2. Could get Dual 250Mhz Octane for $1700. After $1000 I’ll go the Mac route.
I guess it depend on your pocket. Highend 3D work is done on SGI, mid and the rest on PC. Hopefully Apple will make it there.
my 2 cents

(Green) #16

Highend 3d work used to be done on sgi. nt and linux rule the day now. no sane company would invest in new sgi machines for client 3d computers, unless they need some extension that can only be found there.

Design work on an o2? on photoshop 3 then?

imo the only place for an o2 is in video and audio editing.

(and btw. comparing a used o2 to a new pc for $500 is not correct. compare 2 used machines for the same price to another for fair results)

(PowerMacG4) #17

OK, you got me , I figure I slide a used o2 in compared to a new PC. I have photoshop 3. We know the story why Adobe stop Photoshop for SGI. But it do sucks.
For stuff like Discreet Effects, Shake o2 is real nice. For Flint, Flame and the rest of Discreet work Octane rules. Discreet make stuff for PC but not like SGI but you could be looking at $30,000 tag.
Funny I’m a Mac head defending an SGI, oooh.
Lets break it down to working man on a budget world. PC are the way to go. I myself dig the other Packages that SGI and Apple come with.

(macke) #18

IMHO, definatly. When it comes to number crunching and putting pressure on the machine, nothing beats an SGI imho. Though, I wouldn’t mind Avid XpressDV running on IRIX, as I do mainly DV stuff. And I do like XpressDV as an editing app ;o)

I wonder though, is there a combustion for IRIX? I’ve never seen an SGI running combustion…

(PowerMacG4) #19

I’m into movie making not 3D Game making or strictly 3D animation.
The PowerMac and o2 have software at hand that is good for the 3D bits I will add to movies. Tools like Final Cut Pro and Combustion on the Mac are good, or Apps like those of Discreet Logic on SGI.
I just wish that Sun had some cool Apps

(Rob) #20

Runs great on UNIX, except that the Library function does not work.
Also runs fine on Windows ME.