Blender user thanks to developpers and community

Hey guyz !

I’m a now almost 17 years user of blender. I met the very first versions and had many troubles with the well-known and stable 2.49.
I always and will always rumble to blender malfunctions or half finished featured, saying that what is done is not enough and could be easily enhanced…
As a user i can only rumble…
But i can also thank.

I wonder wether this has been done ( i searched and found nothing ).

But today ( and it’s never too late for this ) i’d like to thank, congratulate and send my respect to all developpers and to the dev community for their work, time, patience, imagination and all that make blender what it is today !
ooh it’s far from perfect ! :japanese_goblin: but it gets better and better each day.
I use blender several hours a day and i’m happy of the results and often discover things that make me say: ‘wow they did it’.


As some kind of congratz and uncongratz maybe it’s time to say what we like and don’t like in 2.8+ series… ?

I like:

  • so many things… the list will be too long :rofl:

I dislike:

  • Maybe a lil lack of app windows configuration… ( okay this is kinda nothing )

You guyz users, maybe you coul put here some regards to the team and also post your like & unlike features ? No discuss at all ( this is a ‘thanks’ topic ) only like & dislike :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

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I like:

  • The new 2.8+ UI
  • How EEVEE and Cycles share ~90% of the shader nodes
  • The fact that Blender is FREE
  • The speed at which the software is being improved
  • The fact that you can do many things with one software
  • The sheer amount of available tutorials out there

I don’t like:

  • The current stat of the simulation system (specifically soft-bodies and fluids)
  • Not having the Fracture modifier branch merged with official blender for many years now
  • How you need 3 array modifiers to make a simple box of cubes
  • The current edit mode performance dropping to seconds per action after you reach a certain number of vertices/objects
  • The many things that aren’t Multi-threaded/GPU accelerated “yet”
  • The current Blender manual (walls of text and zero pictures as examples, you know “a picture is worth a thousand words” or so they say)
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Yaaaaaay let’s party :partying_face: thanks to everybody for their involvement !!! :slight_smile:

You’re right it feels good !

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