Blender users in Argentina?

I’m currently living in California and strongly thinking about moving to Argentina in the near future. So I was wondering if there are any Blender user in Argentina?

If you are Blender user in Argentina, please let me know what part of Argentina you are from and maybe share your website - i would love to see some work!

Also a question is the 3D field popular in Argentina? or a better question what is the current state of 3D field in Argentina? Is there even a 3D industry in Argentina?

Not argentinian, I’m brazilian, but I have a fair amount of knowledge about this. 3D industry in Argentina is pretty much very motion/ad centered. Some cool studios, like

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Hi dimitribastos,

thank for the information! I am a freelance artist that has been working on advertisement for 10+ years so this nice to see Argentina centered on this.

Plenty works are great, amazing! I never heard of them before. I wonder if there are more 3D companies like this all over Argentina. Plenty seems to deal with international client so I assume they speak fluent English hmmmm.

I think there is a lot of studios like these around argentina. Plenty, Ronda, Le Cube (more 2Dish I think), etc.

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