Blender uses 16GB RAM completely

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m running into an issue while I’m modelling in blender.
I’m actually modelling Dinosaurs for a game with Multiresolution Modifier at max. 5.
But if I try to go further in the process, like giving textures, scales, placing an eye in it, making bones, my PC nearly crashes.
Its running on 99% RAM and mostly over 50% CPU or higher.

I tried to run blender instead of my CPU on CUDA but a difference I didn’t saw.
Also I searched for answer, but they all didn’t help, I don’t know what I can do now.

OS: WIN 10
Processor: Intel Core i7-7700, 4.20GHz
Graphic Board: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
RAM: 16 GB

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:



provide your problematic scene file or describe it in detail (whole stats + images attached)

some tips:

  • while sculpting you can observe stats/behavior in the task manager or other similar tool
  • working on large files/data sets - organize for efficiency, restructure, separate into parts, use layers to your advantage…
  • clear file of any waste (purge orphan data)
  • get extra RAM

too many subdivisions

This is nearly on every Dinosaur I sculpture.
This actually which I have the most problems has 14,446,655 Verts, 14,446,592 Faces, 28,893,184 Tris, MEM 1449,49M.
On the first layer I only have the normal mesh with a mirror modifier.
On this layer I have the sculpted model.

While I am sculpting my CPU is between 1-15% and my RAM between 40-50%.
Is this ok or do you need any other stats?

^ depends on how many polys the base mesh has.

1 million verts is about 1 gig of ram roughly.

1 million verts is about 1 GB of RAM? O.o
This is really much. o.o

This here is a screen shot of my base mesh:

Is there any possibility or any way how I can finish this sculpture?

@burnin: you said something about seperate into parts. Is it possible to seperate this sculpture into part without loosing the sculpted?