Blender UV editor slow and laggy. Any Fix?

Hello, before i begin my specs are a Fx 8350 with a single Gtx 660 SC

i have 16 gb of ram. Running windows 10.

So my issue is i am following a tutorial ------

that one. I am at the texturing part and i had to load up a texture of some bread.

The uv editor becomes slow and sluggish as soon as i open this texture up and the closer i zoom in to adjust the vertices the slower it becomes.

The texture i believe is 5046x4806

That is quite large i think but i don’t think a texture should be causing blender to crawl like it is. As soon as i click the 3d view port it speeds back up so i know it is coming from the UV editor.

I have tried adjusting the DRAW method in the user preferences and the only result i had was triple buffer but that only affected the UI and not the uv speed. UI is smoother with TRIPLE but the uv editor is still laggy and hard to work with.

If it’s just the texture then i guess i have to skip this.

If i remember well, Blender is working better with texture that dimensions are a power of two ( … 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 and so on) and less well with texture that dimensions aren’t, i never use such giant texture as you’re using so i can’t say if it’s part of the problem there.

Neither 5046 or 4806 are power of two so try to rescale your texture so both dimensions are power of 2 to see if this is the source of the bad performance or if there’s something else at play.

Thanks, i will adjust the texture and see what happens.

Although the render speed of the whole project takes 2 mins.

I just don’t understand why i can’t get it to go faster.

I have seen the bench mark of a gtx 660 with blender cycles with the BMW scene and they are getting a minute less than i am. there has to be something wrong here. I always felt that something was wrong with blender over all. maybe a miss place setting? i am using the tile size of 256 if that counts.