Blender UV Texture turned black

Hi, I’m toxinias, a young german 3D artist. I made this SPAS-12 model for a game.

I made the textures by myself and i was pretty proud of it in the end since it was my first UV texturing expereience
plus it took a lot of time.
My Problem is: When i finished it i was watching it, switching from textured mode to wireframe a few times. suddenly when i turned rendered view on, the texture seemed to be vanished and the whole think was pitchblack. I don’t know what and how or even if i did do something that caused it, but it was frustrating :frowning:
any chance to recover the texture ?

When you turned render view on, did you have your UV image loaded as a texture channel, or just in the UV editor? If it was not loaded in materials/textures, you would not see it in rendered view. But it sounds like maybe you lost your image, so I am not sure what is going on there. It’s too bad if you lost it. It looks like a nice job.