Blender v2.49b Support for integrating TGA files into a master UVImage

Good Day,

I am a novice with Blender v2.49b. I am using this version of Blender to support TESIV Oblivion modding and development, a video game written by Bethesda Softworks. I am beginning my modeling efforts under Blender by using existing, vanilla creature models and redesigning their text images (DDS format). To accomplish this task, I need to know how to separate each distinct portion of a model into a separate UVImage. I believe the key to this problem is to export each unwrapped image to a separate TGA file but I don’t know how to integrate everything back together under a single UVImage.


I’m not sure how to do it in that version of blender mostly because I stared blender last year a couple weeks before my freshman year in highschool. If it’s the same as the latter models (and if I’m interpreting your question correctly) I think you need to select the part of your mesh you want separate and unwrap it. Then export the uvs for that section. When your finished editing it, reload the uvs into the image editor. The reselect that seperate part of your mesh and arrange the texture on your uvs