blender v2.77 exporting problems

Hello all, I’ll try to keep this as short and clear as possible but don’t hesitate to ask any question if that potentially can help solve the problem.
To be honest I don’t use Blender for anything else besides intermediary stuff that can only be done with blender (the .mesh importer script for this case that I used to open a model exported for XNALara and that i was willing to export to FBX so i can remove the unnecessary details in mudbox and then play around with it in maya for the animation and learn how to model clothes, UE4 to learn the basics of character editing and whatsover)

so this is what the model is supposed to look like

except that exporting it to .fbx and then importing that same fbx results in this weird non-meshed alien-like thing.
playing around with the export settings results in more or less the same thing

exporting to .3ds and .obj seems to completely ignore the armature and the mesh isn’t even correct its just another type of alien.

I’d really appreciate if anyone can help as googling around for 1-2 hours didn’t display anything useful


Ok, please upload the .blend file and I’ll see what I can do.