Blender v2.79 measurement seems too short?

I used the Ruler to measure my object from top to bottom, which the ruler says is 5 mm.
I have set the Scene Units to Millimetres and Unit 0.001.
I have set the Properties panel > Display > Scale: 0.001 and Lines: 115.
I selected Keyboard > Numpad 7 > for a top view > zoomed out > and count 11 squares. So I count 1 square as 10 mm. When I visually count the 10 lines in 1 square, I count 9.2 lines (9.2 mm).
Why is the ruler saying 5 mm?

Is scale applied to the object?

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I’m a noob, however scale appears to be 1? So I would assume the mesh and object are all to millimetre scale?

Hey, first off, the Dimensions are shown in the panel - you can see them in your screen shot - scale is ok (all 1’s). Second - and the real answer to your question is - you are in ‘Perspective’ veiw - as in you are looking at the object how the cameras focal length is… DO NOT do that when measuring something, that is why your measurement does not coincide with the ‘Dimensions’ box, use ‘Ortho’ veiw. One last thing - why would you be changing the ‘Scene Scale’ to such extremes ?? If you are modelling precion stuff, then I would check out Clockmender’s PDT add-on


Great, thank you.
I understand what Orthogonal view is now.

Yes, I setup the screenshot to show as much information as relevant. I notice answers are faster with more information.

I need this ‘Scene Scale’ as this is the real size to try and fit the objects into a project idea I’m trying.

I only have Blender v2.79, so I will use what I have. There is no approved later version for Linux Mint yet, so theAdd-on for 2.82 will have to wait.

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