Blender Vehicle Physics System | Arcady Version | Download coming soon...

Hello! Last months I’ve been actively working on a vehicle physics system and I’ve approached something already. Here is what I’ve got!:slight_smile:

“Arcady Version”


Coming soon…

Coming soon…

An approximated vehicle physics system for use in any game which needs a car. It contains accuracy level of something like Need for Speed games in 2000-2010 period. It isn’t difficult to setup and doesn’t eat too much computing resources.

I hope you like it!:slight_smile:

Huge thanks to Mārtiņš Upītis for big bounty in this project.
Also thanks to:
sdfgeoff for helping me in the roots of project few months ago.
Edy for helping with project aswell.

Hi! Any progress? Great work.

Hi Asriansnetlis,

Have you an date to publication tutorial and source download.


I don’t know exact time, but the estimated time is around the mid-June when I’ll have done all my school exams so I’ll get a chance to spend time on this.
However, to be more honest - I want to first finish the “Standard” version which is gone be similar to the “Arcady”, but with more features. I also want to make first few videos before publishing.
Lastly, I want to test it on analog controller, but I don’t have access to any. I can try to get my PS2 controller connected to PC, but I need to buy one little converter(PS2 to USB). I also want to test it and set it up for steering wheel controller(e.g. Logitech G-27), but I can’t afford one. I think that martinsh can setup it for steering wheels, though.
Lastly I’ve fixed several bugs:

  • Fixed aerodynamical drag which previously worked in strange maneur and even created huge disbalance at high speeds.
  • Fixed some of biases in input system.
  • Improved the realism of some of the aspects.
  • Improved performance a bit.

Still left to do:

  • Fix some reverse slip releated problems.
  • Lift force.
  • TCS, better ABS, steering assists(and propably some more electronics).
  • More performance improvements and code cleanup.

After this is done I will post a download. It will be for free and royality free.
The “Standard” version, however, will be way more advanced, feature high level of realism. It will be paid(not sure about price yet), but still royality free. “Standard” version will also include private customer support. It’s estimated release is at the beggining of Autumn.
I will propably make all the “Standard” version tutorials before releasing it.
I hope that you like what’s comming!:slight_smile:

Lovely dude. Keep up that good work!

Thanks, mziskandar!:slight_smile:

Well, I’m impressed. This is something I would like to have.

I think the sound of the car should be louder outside than inside, though. :cool:

Yeah, that’s fact. Also, the sound is a bit softer and more blurred inside. Normally this requires multiple sound files(which is bad), but I’m gone try to see if I can set this up in different(and more efficient) way.

You can compile multiple sound files into one with an external program like Audacity.

Hm… If I could use special sound range(e.g. 0:0:0.000 - 0:0:14.138, 0:0:14.141 - 0:0:28.275), than I could use 1 file for multiple sounds.

What i do see as a problem is the jumps… the car is acting as a real object should… but if we are going off as a racing game then the car should land flat. It shouldn’t be hard… just to locate the nearest object and slowly a line to the normal of it.

That’s amazing! Also are you using simple textured planes for track marks or is it a different method.

The jumping is fully physics based. No need to change anything manually there, unless you want some sort of arcade game.

Yeah… They’re planes. To ensure no cuts, they’re scaled basing on frequency and car’s speed. Mārtiņš Upītis made the script for them actually:)

Hi, any progress?

Sorry, actually I’ve been working full Steam on some other projects recently. There is some progress, though, as I almost finished implementing relaxation length of tires(produces car “swinging” or “wobbling” on stop, simulates delays at reaction of tire, kind of approximation for the tire stretching and folding). I still need to work on stabilisation. I can’t just force user to run game at 500 Hz(in case of slow computer it will become a slow-mo game). I rather need to loop the equations in script(substepping), I haven’t found solution for it, but after BGMC I will try to do it;)

I wait that, im think your script very good, ive psot and vehicle game in blender with 2.98 on this forum but your script is very better and 2.77 and more version futur of blender make more possiblity, if you are interested i can make car game with you if you want, ive too many model car, im fan of car, look my book:

and this short movie, only maked by me:


kengi, I’d really like to cooperate with you. You seem to be advanced artist, amazing modeller. I would love to work with you. Do you want to join the development of Worn Tires?:slight_smile:

Yes i’m blender artist since 12 years ago, i can make environement level design or car model, or other assets.

Why not, but Worn Tires is not like your demo game, here.

if you want contact me, my skype is: cakyco

Hi! Great, you started Blender art when I was just 3 years old.:smiley:
Worn Tires is a major type racing game project, it’s planned to be commercional. What I need is people like you - artists. I am programmer, good at maths and physics, but I’m not the best artist. Your help would definetly help:)

I’ll contact you in Skype. That’s the best way for me as I keep Skype open all the time;)

I was just scrolling through this section during programming lesson in school (everyone in class is learning variable types, meanwhile I do some more useful stuff(to me)) and I found this. The very moment my memory hit me hard. I teased such a cool thing and never actually published it. And I even doubt I still have the old file. Oh, man. I’m sorry guys. I am now feeling like I must spare some time for a new version. I’ll try my best.