Blender Verse Functions vs. University Firewall

Hey, I’m going to hold a 3d workshop at my university this Wednesday and would like to play with verse a little during the show. The problem is that I can’t get other stations to connect to the server. I can get it to connect to itself and run multiple copies which also connects to the server fine, but when I jump to another machine, I get nothing. I’m assuming the problem is stemming from the university’s strict firewall.

I’ve tried the IP Address and the default gateway, but neither seem to work. The documentation mentions that you can run a server on a domain? What does that mean, how do you do it, and will it help my situation? Please help!

Its hard to tell anything without knowing the network setup.

The posibility to setup server under under domain means, that you can type a domain in the connect window, instead of IP adres.