blender version change history, someone?

(Apollux) #1

Does anyone have a log/track of what has been added, removed or fixed on the last versions of Blender… let’s say from 2.1X to 2.23 ?

I know that 2.23 arrived with many new bugs, and that is was a commond practice to remove any specific funtion (for example animated textures and file export) for one or two releases and then put it back on. Don’t ask me why!!!.

This kind of info used to be on the NaN page, but as you all know it is gone.

I really need that.

(acasto) #2

I could use that too for the BIE project. Particulary the animation functions and python pai changes.

(Apollux) #3

Long Life to the web cache!!

Just a teaser:

"VRML2 import, Unix Stand-alone Player
In just a couple of months we’ve gone from distributing just one product, Blender, to producing Blender Creator, Blender Publisher, the Blender 3D Plug-in and the Blender Stand-alone Player. Although under the hood these products all rely on the same code base, maintaining them all, on all supported platforms, is starting to become an art on its own.

Every new product and every big new feature, first creates a big mess. The software grows in unforeseen ways, shortcuts have to be made, quick solutions are implemented, parts of the code have to be moved or rewritten. And then just days before a release everything starts to come together and, like magic, all the pieces fall into place.

Or what we usually do is just use lots of sticky tape to keep it all together. :wink:

And then after the release it’s time to start cleaning up to make room for the next code explosion. The Blender Publisher and the Blender Stand-alone Player are now getting nicely integrated in our test builds setup. The Unix Stand alone Player is seeing first light this release.

The Netscape Blender 3D Plug-in for Unix turns out to be a very nasty beast though. Two of our developers have been trying to tame it, but each time they try to make it do something useful, Netscape starts crashing randomly. We’re not giving up yet, but we also have to make sure the frustration levels are kept within bounds.

The guys from the content team made incredible demos again. Before you continue to the download page for the latest incarnation of Blender have a look at what they made this time.

If you’re running on Windows have a look at Scategirl: the movie first. If you’re running on one of the other platforms, you now can download the stand-alone Froggy game .

Still on our todo list untill the end of this year:

finish port to Mac OSX
linux Netscape plug-in (and other browsers)
make time again for some major bug crushing and adding some nice little features that are on your and our wish list for far to long now

Have fun !

Change in supported OS-es
Our Solaris Sparc 2.6 build caused a lot of problems with users trying to run Blender. We’ve upgraded our system to version 2.8 hoping to resolve at least some of the problems.

Hans installed Solaris 2.8 for Intel on his machine at home. He ported Blender in a couple of days and thanks to him you can now get it from our download page.

The disk in our Linux PowerPC died. The new disk is in but we haven’t been able to reinstall the OS yet. The MacOS install CD’s will be here in a couple of days so we’re hoping to have a new version ready for you shortly.

New Features in this release
Strubi added a VRML2 importer for easy object import from other 3D programs. See what it can and can’t do in the subsection below.

Laurence ported the stand-alone player to Unix. So the Blender Publishers on Unix now can write runtimes. Using the Fullscreen option when creating the runtime will start the game in fullscreen mode, but it won’t switch the resolution like the stand-alone player on Windows does.

:wink: :smiley: