Blender version control for Blender for Player

Version control for Blender for Android 2.5 appears to be behind. From what I read and what I experience is two different things. At some point the player was compatible up to full Blender 2.70 with the full logic blocks implementation. I used very little python code and in those cases it can use an abbreviated Python .dot notation coding. Can the archiving experts check the nomenclature because I think they forgot to change the version when they complied it.

blender is not designed to work on android. any info otherwise is a hack which case you are on your own.

Generally, that is incorrect. Blender can work on Android. In my experience, the reason is engineer and programmers who develop the application need to keep up with the huge amount of changes in the hardware, software and etc… A word of advice on Blender app. It was not original design for windows, linux and macintosh . It was modified by community over a long period of time.