Blender version for OpenGL 1.1?

OK, I’m trying to Install Blender in my modest netbook. Looks like my graphics driver only supports up to OpenGL 1.1. Now I have to find out which old version of Blender worked with that version of OpenGL. Might any of you know?

Thank you in advance :).

Can you at least tell me where I could ask for this kind of information?

I need help to install the program in my netbook :(.

Hi, there was no change for OpenGL until Blender 2.77 for years so 2.76 should work.
You can check with older versions too, use zip version and you can test as many versions you like without install.

Cheers, mib

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Thanks! That’s really great news :D. I’m gonna try them right now.

Thanks for your help Mib2berlin. I tried different versions and looks like 2.72 works great on my netbook:D.

Awesome!! I was getting crazy about it because I could’t find a solution