blender version problem

I am trying to fallow a tutorial with the same version of blender. I have blender 2.49b. But the tutorials I watched is using a different version.

So where is the problem?
Just download the according Blender Version - most likely 2.5X
If the tutorial is for an older version than 2.48 - ditch it.

I can’t find tutorials for begginers. Could someone give me a few websites?

You can find my getting started series here:

Every tutorial I look at everything is different from the version I have and the version in the video.

Please double check that you are using the latest 2.56 Beta. You can download it from here:

Don’t be scared off by the “Beta” status, it is getting to be quite stable and I highly recommend you start out with it if you are just learning since many things have changed and 2.49 is already out of date.

I don’t know about beginner tutorials for blender 2.49 but when I started learning I started here:


Do I alwas have to extract and install blender everytime I close it? I already did it and I don’t see it in the “start menu”.

Sometimes I’ll view a tutorial and the guy in the video is working on a shape. It doesn’t show how I can get that shape