Blender Version / VRML2.0 Import Question ...

(markyjerky) #1

Blender Version / VRML2.0 Import Question …

Sorry, did check the knowledgebase … no luck.

I’m using BlenderPublisher downloaded from recently.
Version 2.25. Should I be able to inport VRML 2.0 with UVs ?

I’m using this app with Wings3D. I’d love to export the model and UVs from Wings3D to Blender. VRML2.0 or OBJ would be fine.

I tried one OBJ importer (python) only to get a message that I was missing Blender210 module.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction, I’d sure appreciate it.

— The Webmaster , (LOL).

(theeth) #2

Most Python scripts don’t work in 2.25, so you should try using Blender 2.23

I don’t know if the VRML 2.0 import supports UV coordinates.


(Nhytro) #3

it´s actually very easy Mark, I explained this once stepwise on the wings forum

After importing your model( assuming you have beforehand, exported the
texture map )

  1. Create a new material for your model
  2. Create a new texture, choose image
  3. In the materials page, toggle “UV” and “Texface”
  4. Voila!



(markyjerky) #4

The Blender 2.23 was in fact the remedy for my problem.

Here are some results.

I think I found a problem with Blender. It won’t reader arbitrarily large TGA files. And does not indicate file that is too large. This problem I can work around. In most cases , my ExtremeUV workflow can produce files small enough for Blender.

Nhytro, I’d love to get some input from you re: what to do next with ExtremeUV. Or anyone for that matter.