Blender Vertice Issues

Hello all. A bit new here, but, I didnt know where else to turn.

I have been wanting to play with meshes and geto designing, but I am running into a problem. I am using an model, selecting a portion of the mesh and duplicating it as a base for some simple clothing. All of that goes swell. But when I select a vertice to adjust, it moves a little bit and then flings very very far in one direction or the other.

At first I figured it may have been because my mouse was getting a bit shotty, but having replaced the mouse, the issue persists. I am using blender 2.77a.

Does anyone know what this is from, or how to fix it? Also, if this is in the wrong place, please by all means move it to the correct one.

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Does your mesh object have any constraints or modifiers on it?

No example .blend so have to guess. Guessing that you have x-mirror and maybe topology mirror option(s) enabled on the tool shelf.

Also the most basic mesh element is a “vertex”. Only if you’re speaking italian or latin it would be called “vertice”.

Also keep in mind pointer distance from an active selection scales the sensitivity of an operation. (At least if using the hotkey.) It’s useful, but sometimes when not paying attention to that it can get a bit hairy at times. Not all 3D programs do that, so I could see where it might not be expected.