Blender video clips have shorter lengths in Premiere

I made a short animation set to music. My Blender export settings were: 30 fps, H.264 with MPEG-4 container. I imported the clips into Premiere Pro with sequence settings: ARRI Cinema, 30 fps, square pixels, display format 30 fps. I found that a video clip that was 20.29 seconds in Blender came into Premier at 20.27 sec. I had 4 clips and each one was a few fractions of a second shorter in Premier than in Blender. This left some noticeable black gaps in my video when the clips were matched to my audio track. I did a workaround by extending some of the clips, but this was not ideal. Can anybody help me solve this problem before I start my next animation? Thanks.

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Link to animation, “FitzWilliam the Dancing Flower”

Can you interpret the video in premier to be actually 30fps as it sounds like PPRo thinks the footage is 29.97fps drop frame?

My guess is that you have somewhat mixed up a 30fps and 30fps-dropframe ( 29.97 ) format.

Would fit: 20.29 / 30 * 29.97 = 20,26971