Blender Video Editor funding campaign

13 hours to go… What do you think?

Why is the screenshot on a 2.4x build? 2.6+ already has script add-ons that have improved the VSE side of things better, why not use something already more complete?

I think the now 12h is too short of a notice.
And I think one should get a coder first, ask him how much he’d charge for the job, and not raise 8k and then go hire a freelancer?

I don’t think much of the proposal, no specific features / tasks outlined.

Very little information.

Arexma is right in that the guy should have consulted some programmers first, as well as Blender users, and other users from applications in order to get a solid understanding of the overall scope, and to then present that information to potential sponsors.

Yes, unfortunately many people fail to understand what Kickstarter and other platforms are about. They sort of expect the platforms to market their project for them and money to just come flying in. If you notice someone like this planning to start a funding campaign, do them a favor and explain the basics.

I agree,… communicate and index and filter the community ideas on the subject.

Contact possible developers and then to look for what actually is required.
Instead of raising a figure, with no plan other then an idea itself.

But the intention was probably a good one though :slight_smile:
Perhaps a re-thinking and a brand new start could make the difference to see this through.

I think it’s better to at least run these types of things by Ton/Blender Foundation first anyway.

I know there has been some successes with crowdfunding, but it can easily go bad and put the Blender Foundation/maintainers in a really bad spot that might have to decline something people paid quite a bit of money for. Could be due to poor code, or some other reason. Then the feature doesn’t get implemented, and a bunch of people wasted their money, and a coder wasted their time. Just not a good situation.

If Ton/Blender Foundation are involved, the project is basically already green-lit for trunk, a chain of communication between developers is established, issues can be solved satisfactory for maintainers, things promised are being delivered, money is going for what was promised, on and on. It’s just a safer way to ensure things like this succeed.

I’ve been poking around in the VSE lately (currently fixing up the py-api) so if y’all really insist in throwing money at the problem…

FYI, this campaing was chosen as a bad example of crowdfunding by some big German IT magazine:

LOL… But it’s a good example for a text I just don’t understand. There are many texts I’ve understood way better than this one… :wink:

Oh, those 3 years learning German 25 years back has been overwritten with other crap several times by now… :smiley: