Blender video editor - preview of video clips are slow (5-15 fps)

I can hardly see my video preview in the blender’s video editor, the fps are falling to 5-15 frames per second

My video clips are only 30 fps with resolution of 1920x1002 pixels and the total time of my video is only 1:22. minutes. So, it should not lag that much

it’s 250 MB in total file size

Why does it have low fps?
What i can do to help it go faster than 5-15 fps?


You could create proxies
Look at User Preferences / System to change Sequencer / Clip Editor settings

Isn’t there any way to make the blender bake the clip’s previews in the cache or in the ram (if the clip is too large for the cache) each time i do change just all the other video editor softwares?

btw I know there are other video editors but i prefer blender because with the green screen and the effects or models that i can create i will do cool stuffs.
Just at the next versions of blender it’s good to take care of blender’s video editor. (blender is too good to not have a good video editor…don’t you agree?)

i am also getting 15 frames a second with pictures in the video editor. what are you trying to do in the video editor, if your just pasting videos together, try turning it into a mp4 video and see how it looks.

Now that i have changed the proxy from “75%” to “no proxy, full preview” it going faster.
For an unknown reason the full preview is faster than using decreased proxy.
I am getting around 10-25 fps so, i’m fine. (edit: now that i see it again i catch up to 30 fps)


btw if blender pass the video clips to the memory cache or ram it would be much faster for sure (specially in cache)

the MJPEG avi files used as proxy in blender are very inefficient.
using prores or dnxhd files gives much better response.
native H.264 footage is much slower – blenders proxy run mediocre – and prores/dnxhd is really fast!
but i can only speak for the linux platform.

would be nice, if we could choose the proxy codec in blenders native implementation like in velvet revolver

Yo, so after I generate proxy on my videos to 25%, the video still lags, it was working fine 10 minutes ago, but now when I put in a new clip, and generate proxy on that, it is still laggy, does anyone know why??

Maybe you’ll find this useful :

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