blender video settings

with a 3380 frame file at 1920x1080 set at 100% and everything else at max the file is 5GB !

how can i reduce the final size without reducing the quality that much.

hopefullu this post will not be ignored like my last post.
thanks all


First off, I always render animations out to .png files and then composite them together into a video later. That way you can re-render individual frames, or frame ranges, and if the render crashes at some point you can pick it back up without problems.
For the final video compression, I use the Youtube recommended video settings, which in Blender, look like this:

To tweak the file size, play with “Bitrate” and “Maximum”. Again, working from pre-rendered PNGs makes this a lot easier, as you can try compressing the same footage several times with different bitrates to see what it looks like.

you tube is low quality.
i will be showing the videos on a big screen TV

You’re welcome

As far as video quality, I feel justified by both your avatar, and the content of your many posts in the support forums, in asserting that you do not know what you are talking about. YouTube has 1080-P video, which is your render resolution (if you turn it up to 100% that is). I use 1080-P on my home projector, which ends up being 5’(1.5 m) wide, and it looks fine. A compression rate of 8 MBPS is sufficient for nearly all video of that resolution, though if you’re trying to video compress, say, confetti, you’ll have to turn it up a bit more. But of course you’re free to adjust the bit-rate as you like, which is why I gave you explicit instructions as to how to do that.

Consider perhaps the way you respond when people help you is why people ignore your posts now.

lot of folks are helpful to my many posts. some are more understanding than others

And even if you upload 5GB to Youtube or Vimeo, their servers will optimize/re-encode the video for web archives. It will just take longer, but maybe less than it will take you to do it again and again, until satisfied (finding zen).
I know Vimeo does that & also provides an option for viewers to Download the video in different resolutions, if you choose & set it so.

writing for myself - it is impossible to understand the unknown, so if you’d kindly explain your matter?
Sorry, if i sound intrusive, i am just being curious. I’ll understand, if you don’t want to answer, after all i’m getting off-topic.

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