Blender Videotutorials

I’ve made some videotutorials that made it to the headlines a while ago:
Recently I had to delete them from my Vimeo channel but I’d love to see them available for all Blender users once again. I’ve tried to upload them on YouTube but some of them last longer than 10min so… These videotutorials are ideal for <2.50 versions but I’m sure you’ll learn a trick or two even if you only use the latest builds.
Anyway… Get them (filesize is aprox 255MB):
Note that the Blendernation post above mentions ten videotutorials while in the zip file you’ll find twelve videotutorials! :eyebrowlift:
I was thinking of selling them or making them available with donation links etc but… just send me your love and wishes and we’re ok.
Don’t know if I’ve used the right uploading site/service but the size of the zip file limited my options.

Happy new year to us all!