Blender Vids on YouTube

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to put my blender related vids on YouTube!
I am an indie filmmaker. I use Blender all the time and my demo reel has my major blender uses. Here’s the link to my demo reel:
Check out my channel for my Millenium Falcon tests I have done as compositing tests, one’s old, but one’s brand new!

i really liked that, your jet is very nice.
i especially liked the editing, as the pace and tension built up was very good.

the only thing i felt was lacking was the anti-climax, as the first one builds up enough tension to shock the viewer into a state of suspense… creepy :wink:

edit another thought was that you might want to motion blur your cg plane as it doesn’t quite fit into the scene, as it is rendered in a crisp resolution, but your backing footage is kinda blurry and pixelated.

Thanks, when I did the jet flyover scene, I put motion blur, but it didn’t seem to translate into the final render… hmmm… but that was a while back, now I use vector blur, i love it!

Really nice work man. I like it. I even subsribed so tha i can chek up on your work.
I to have some animation done, and they can be seen on
it is basicly a lot of testing of some projcets i have been/or i am done/doing.