Blender view settings

Hi, all;
Blender has no unit parameter settings. One uses whatever measurement is required. I prefer working in feet and inches because that is what everyone in the U.S. uses. I know about setting the grid values, etc. Thats not the problem.
In my frenzied effort to get the correct Blender environment installed, I came across a script that allowed you to set the view in feet or in meters. Unfortunately, I was too new at this then to have kept the utility which included a library.
So, maybe someone out there in Blender land has some notion of what I’m talking about. If not, well, so much for that.
Thank-you for whatever happens to come back . . .
The new Blenderite

well isn’t it just you saying “one blender unit is now 1 foot”, and if you then set the division in the view properties for the grid to 12… then the “smaller grid” will represent inches?

Could you be thinking of “BMAE?”