Blender Viewport Navigation with Surface Pro 4


I’ve read a few articles on setting the main button on the Surface Pro 4 stylus to work like a middle mouse click, but they all pretty much say the same thing… it can’t be done!
Funny I would have though something like this would be easy to do?
Is there any other way of doing this through Blender perhaps through a plugin? I use left mouse button for select and as such it is not possible to enable emulate middle mouse within the Blender prefs.
Any suggestions or solutions most welcome :slight_smile:

Yes it is. “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” is greyed out with left-click select, but can be enabled nonetheless.

well what do u know, it is possible :slight_smile: ha thanks IkariShinji. although I might just have to revert to right mouse select cause scrubbing in the timeline doesn’t seem to work with left mouse select and enable 3 button mouse on the sp4.