Blender viewport performance when sculpting

Hello, I have 2 questions and I’m not sure where to find the answer so I figured I’d ask here.

  1. Do any of you have experience with similarly powered AMD and Nvidia gpu’s and if there’s a difference in sculpting and rotating around in sculpt mode? I sculpt with about 1.5 M vertices and my pc chugs along and stutters quite a bit after a prologues brush stroke or when rotating.

  2. Does a dual gpu vs a single gpu setup matter when it comes to viewport smoothness? I don’t mean rotating in render mode, just in the solid viewport shading mode.

Current specs:

Ubuntu 20.10
Blender 2.91
Ryzen 3900x
64gb of ram
4tb u.2 drive
Gtx 750 (sold my 5700xt when I thought I could buy a 3080. Boy was I wrong)

I have a feeling that the stutter could be attributed 100% to my subpar gpu.