Blender viewport render and what's seen in Windows Photo Gallery

Windows 7 64 bit:
It seems what I’m able to see in the viewport render is no longer what I see in Windows Photo Gallery after saving the image as a PNG. I have a render where some textures just barely read. But, when rendered in the Blender viewport the viewer does see wooden slats. Not so after the image is saved and opened in Windows Photo Gallery since that area is simply darker. QuickTime viewer is somewhat better but the family and friends will be viewing the animation in Windows.

Last night I did the Windows 7 monitor calibration thing. Maybe a very slight improvement but still unacceptable. And, of course I can’t be constantly running back and forth to Windows Gallery to check my lighting. I have found the exposure in the World settings doesn’t seem to be the answer.

The monitor seems to be displaying everything but Blender just fine. Is there some way I can set Blender to show me renders exactly like they will appear in Windows Gallery and hopefully eventually Windows Media Player.

Now we all realize we have no control over the viewers settings. And, what reads on our monitor might be just shadow on theirs. But, at least it will be right on my own machine. I want to make this adjustment just one time of course. Has anyone else had this problem. I’m not familiar with color management. Would that be the answer? Any help would be appreciated. This just can’t continue.