Blender Viewport Rotation Behaviour

Something has always felt a bit odd about Blender’s viewport rotation and I was never sure exactly why until recently when I did a comparison with another 3d package (Wings 3d). Blender seems to reverse the direction of rotation when you view a model from a different angle. For example if you view your model from the top and rotate, dragging left with your mouse, the view rotates clockwise around the Z axis. Looking from the bottom of the model doing the same thing the camera appears to rotate anti-clockwise.

I find this to be quite disorienting. Is there a way to change this behaviour so that the camera always rotates in the same direction?

You can use trackball rotation (in preferences).

I’m pretty happy with turntable rotation aside from the sudden direction switch at a certain angle. Not a big fan of trackball rotation for general 3d work.