Blender virgin

Hello all,

My name is John, been working in the videogames industry as an animator/modeler(though not anymore) for… HUMPF:o 9 years.

Anyway, thought it was time for me to work on a home project using Blender but hey guess what…

I know nothing about Blender! Well, I actually started learning a bit of it the other day.

Anyway, I would love to hear from you with your suggestions as to where to look for tuts, etc.


welcome to elysiun and blenderworld :slight_smile:

here can you find the docs:

and in the “Blender General”-forum they have a tutorialthread/list:

and to get help with using Blender, is to ask questions mostly in “Blender General”:

good luck, and I am curious to see what you can come up with :wink:

kind regards,
ztonzy - one of the administrators

Actually I’d recommend the wiki for the documentation since it is much closer to up to date.

Also instead of using 2.37a you might want to use 2.40 cvs version (either use the alpha or better would be to wait a few days for our beta release…).

It has much superior animation tools, and a number of nice improvements in standard tools such as modeling, uv unwrapping, texturing, and rendering quality.


I’m probably about a week further along than you in Blender, and I really, really recommend Greybeard’s video tutorials.
They’re the best thing for getting off the ground in any reasonable time. After that, you can start to check out the tutorials listed above. I also got the paper manual, and found it to be basically similar to the online stuff (but a little older) and really useful for referring to when not actually at the computer.

All you need is a Blender First Steps Survival Kit (and love)

Oh wow, such response in so little time, that is really cool ! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for all the links, pointers, etc.

I can see there’s a lot of studying ahead but this is pretty exciting stuff.

Now, I’m waiting for the day when I’ll RMB click at work and wonder why it’s not working… :wink:

My biggest suggestion is… Learn the hotkeys! Probably one of the most critical early things to do.

You may find this hotkey map usefull :slight_smile: